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Charlotte Low Voltage Electrician

Charlotte and surrounding area low voltage electrician, specializing in Audio Video Installation, Speaker Installation and Camera Installation.

Do you have a project that requires a low voltage electrician specialist that is affordable, efficient and effective? Then you've come to the right place. Mytech AV of is the premier low voltage electrical contractor in the Charlotte area, and we've been in practice for many years. We boast hundreds of satisfied customers in Charlotte and surrounding area, and can help with most any commercial or retail project you might have.

Please feel free to look around this site for more details and answers to any questions you might have. If you don't find what you need, contact us, we'll be happy to help.

About Charlotte Installation Services

At Mytech AV, we believe in customer service, safety, and fair prices. We are Charlotte and area's number 1 choice low voltage electrical experts who go the extra mile to make certain that our electricians are experienced, well trained and skilled. Our electricians know exactly what they are doing, therefore they don't need to waste time fumbling around or figuring things out, so that keeps our labor costs down. We pass that savings on to our customers and have been for many years.

When to Call a Pro

If you have a need for assistance with any of the following projects, contact us as soon as you can:

  • Charlotte Closed circuit video systems and surveillance systems. Don't let an amateur or a poor electrician protect you, your family or your business.
  • Charlotte Data wiring and network cabling - Be it for a simple home system, or a large corporate network system, at Mytech AV, we have the skill and experience to get the job done safely, securely and effectively.
  • Charlotte Audio speaker systems and home theater systems - from HD TV to 3D TV, and high tech intercom systems, technology today is astounding.

    Charlotte Installation Services

  • Audio/Video
  • Speaker Systems
  • Camera Installation
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