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Charlotte TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting Service in Charlotte

There are many people in Charlotte who have flat panel TVs but do not have them wall mounted. This is not that surprising. The experts at MYTECH AV have provided TV wall mounting solutions for the most difficult of home theater installations.

Here are the main reasons why the people of Charlotte call on us to wall mount their TV.

Type of wall- Is the perfect wall for your TV made out of a material that makes installation difficult? Brick, concrete, or stone, are great building materials,but make installing a TV difficult. MYTECH AV knows how to properly anchor mounting brackets into almost any wall, so that you can have your TV where you want it.

Wiring – Would your TV look great on a specific wall of your home or business but you lack the correct wiring to make it happen? No need to worry. The experts at MYTECH AV will plan out the most efficient way to get all the necessary TV wiring to where it needs to be.

Structural support – Flat panel TVs are getting bigger and bigger. The problem is that some of these TVs weigh quite a bit, making you question whether wall mounting is a viable option in your Charlotte home. The last thing you want is to break your TV because the wall mount was not adequately anchored.

How do I wall mount my TV?

The answer is simple. Give MYTECH AV a call at (704) 258-9290. Our friendly and fully trained technicians install all types of audio/video components and can even help you design the layout so you get the most out of your equipment.